Need for Speed - Heat - Review 2020

"Not great, not terrible." The famous meme from the Chernobyl series perfectly describes the game Need for Speed: Heat, which is generally not bad, but it is also not particularly great. If you have low requirements for this type of item, just want to drive and tune your favorite cars, then you should find everything you need in NFS Heat. However, those who were expecting some new quality in the series will be disappointed to refresh what Modern Warfare has done recently for Call of Duty. First of all, Heat removes a few ills from the previous two installments of the cycle and for now, it looks shyly towards Forza Horizon. So the normal tuning parts have returned instead of loot box cards, the plot is a bit more bearable, and the game world has opened due to the almost complete destruction of elements of the environment. The possibility of dressing up our driver in countless combinations of hipster clothes was also borrowed from Fora. The biggest "heat" of this edition is, however, a clear division into day and night races - mechanics that could be really great, if only they were properly refined.


  • Finally a nice, detailed city and its surroundings;
  • Huge possibilities of car tuning;
  • Interesting, diverse missions during the story the campaign ... which is finally not so bad;
  • Destruction of the surroundings allows considerable freedom while driving;
  • Interesting concept of risking your achievements during night escapades ...


  • which was not entirely successful by the aggressive and powerful police;
  • Small diversity of racing modes;
  • Totally dead, almost empty city;
  • Lack of new products and solutions long present in the competition.
In Need for Speed ​​Heat, we always choose whether we leave the city during the day or at night, and as you can guess, legal racing during the day is nothing to do with emotions during night trips. However, due to the fact that we must simultaneously collect money during the day and build our reputation at night to develop the story and unlock faster cars, we feel the motivation to divide time between both forms of racing. During the day, we basically admire the area and earn cash for subsequent purchases of improved parts and new cars. Competition routes are surrounded by barriers, traffic is turned off, the police do not interfere - just a sporting event in the city, although I would not look for the climate here with Need for Speed: ProStreet. However, what happens after dark is a completely different story. Illegal races take place among other traffic participants, there is no sports frame, and police cars lurking on the route. Only that in the Need for Speed ​​series it is nothing new So why these emotions mentioned above? All thanks to mechanics similar to the one from the last Tom Clancy’s The Division. Racing at night is like entering the 'dark zone'. The more we break the law and increase the level of police "fever" around us (the title "heat"), the more reputation we can gain, but it is easy to lose everything in a moment when we fail to return to the garage. A great idea, however, failed execution. Because the police in Need for Speed: Heat is like a pit bull, like Tommy Lee Jones in Fugitive. When he sniffs out a pirate breaking the traffic code in tuned golf - he will not give up for anything and we will lose our time and points gained.

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