New Year promotion. How Sberbank customers lose money on special conditions

New Year promotion. How Sberbank customers lose money on special conditions

Starting December 2, Sberbank customers can open deposits at higher interest rates. The special offer is valid as part of the New Year promotion. The conditions are indeed much better than usual. Only upon closer examination, a gift from a bank may not be as generous as it seems at first glance. Life understood the advantages and disadvantages of New Year's special offers.
- Sberbank launches a New Year promotion for deposits in rubles. It starts on December 2. Rates from 4.85 to 5.85%, the Sberbank press service said.

The conditions really look very tempting. Given that Sberbank usually deposits at 3-4%, or even less (if we are talking about small amounts). Of course, the New Year promotion has its limitations. First of all, in time. One deposit can be opened only until January 15. Another until January 31, but it is available to a limited number of customers. More precisely, for those who have not had deposits in Sberbank for a long time. Both contributions are not replenished. And, of course, the rate depends on the placement period. This is a common pattern for most banks.
“ Sberbank’s New Year offer on deposit rates may be of interest only to those who would like to open an account with Sberbank, and the rate is a secondary characteristic, ” says Ivan Kapustyansky, leading Forex Optimum analyst. - In other cases, the benefits are not so obvious. A number of smaller banks (but also included in the list of systemically important banks) give much better interest. At the same time, more favorable conditions remain replenishment, partial withdrawal, capitalization of interest and preferential termination. The vast majority of rates of third-party banks are more than 1% more profitable.

Experts advise potential investors to first compare the conditions in different banks. The fact is that the offer of Sberbank is by no means unique. At the end of the year, demand for deposits is growing: people receive bonuses and are looking for ways to preserve their capital. That is why banks are trying to attract the attention of customers with special promotions.

“ All major banks have already offered their New Year's products, ” says Arseny Dadashev, director of the Academy of Finance and Investment Management. - Moreover, for most of them, the deposit rate is much higher. Thus, Sberbank continues to use its monopoly position, hoping that customers will remain loyal and will not go to competitors.

At the same time, the analyst draws attention to the fact that the situation with deposits may well resemble black Friday. During sales, retailers announce tremendous discounts, while in reality they sell goods at inflated prices. The same thing with bank deposits. Consider a conditional amount of 200 thousand rubles. If this amount will be in the bank, where the deposit accrual is at least 1-2% higher, then for the year the client will receive about 2-4 thousand more. And the larger the amount, the greater this difference will be.

Just remember that by freezing money on a deposit for a long period, customers can no longer just withdraw it. When the deposit is closed ahead of schedule, a tiny (rather symbolic) percentage is paid. If the client sees that the attractive conditions are not as favorable as it seemed before, and wants to take the money, then you will have to lose potential income.

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