[Basic Winning Rate: $ 0.01] Ripple Up / Down and Forecast Index Provided on December 1 + Sharing Contributions to Wrong / Late / Muffled

[Basic Winning Rate: $ 0.01] Ripple Up / Down and Forecast Index Provided on December 1 + Sharing Contributions to Wrong / Late / Muffled

forecast: forecast + steem
Distinguishes all authors for Sydal and Steam as a closing price event.
This is a service that provides predictive indicators obtained through collective intelligence.
December 1, 2018, Upbit Ripple closing price up / down
The event is divided according to the voting amount if the price rises or falls compared to the previous day's closing price.
If you just voting without comment, the event will automatically participate in sharing events
Automatically participate in events that pass the deadline or don't recognize commands
Winnings based on voting contributions, even if the forecast is wrong
(Divided by Loser = Loser = 8: 2, Redistributed by Voting Contribution)
If the prediction is correct, the @upcast and @downcast accounts will participate in the voting each time to give you a basic winning prize:
What are the basic winnings? Basically, the amount participates in both directions. Actual receipts may vary depending on the number of additional voting participants and their own voting amount.

November 30 Upbit Ripple closing price is 265 won.
Please decide whether the December 1 closing price (i.e. 9:00 am on December 2) will be higher or lower than the previous day.
The default winning amount is $ 0.013. (This is current and may change at payout due to Steam / Sydal price changes.)
View results in the day before
How to participate
Be sure to start voting on this post (the amount does not matter, but the winnings are proportional to the amount voting)

Select the increase/fall of the day's closing price compared to the closing price of the previous day (based on 9 am in Korea morning)
The reception deadline is closed at 11 pm in Korea (10 hours before closing time)
The closer the deadline is, the easier it is to predict and take into account the health.
After the deadline, voting will automatically participate in the sharing event even if you contribute to the voting, so don't worry if you miss the deadline.
Even before the deadline, if you mistype a prediction or do not leave a comment, you will automatically participate in the sharing event.
After the event is closed, a comment is added to the event
Announce the aggregated forecast data within 30 minutes
When the rainy season (9:00 am the next morning)
Predictive instruction
Climb: Climb, Gaza, Rice Cake, Pumping, Jobber, Tooth Moon, Capping, Long, Climb, Climb, Climb, Climb, Climb, Fly
Drop: Drop, Tumble, Dumping, Crane, Black Cow, Tiger back, Fall, Lower, Short, Fall, Fall, Fall, Fall, Flow, Flow
Additional explanation
You can include that word exactly anywhere in the comment. The examples in bold below are for explanation only and do not need to be dark.
Ex) "Walk your door and lock it up and expect a cake" => Ascent
Ex) "Ripple has no power today. Like flowing" => drop
If you run in the comments, you will be able to comment normally. The time the comment runs depends on the system status.
Command Notes
As the first expression criterion, 'gazed tumbled ~~!' Is first received as 'risk' rather than 'fall' because 'Gaza' comes first. If you type a typo or another character in the middle of the Korean expression, it will not be recognized. For example, 'ga! Zu! Ah!' Is not recognized. By using this, you can take it as a rise, not a fall, if you fell yesterday.
Other Precautions
Only one main comment is required. If more than two months, disqualification voting contributions are included in the sharing event. It doesn't matter if I'm commenting or commenting on the comments I gave you. Just one main comment.
Modifications to forecasts (ie comments) can be made but must be completed within the time frame. If last modification is after the deadline, the loser is considered
In order to prevent changing the amount of the voting on expected hits, the voting at the time of closing is recorded and disqualified if a voting amount is found.
Reward Distribution: All author rewards will be shared. As well as steam!
First, as mentioned above, we exclude contribution contributions from those who did not normally participate in forecast events.
Divide the loser's amount by winner: loser = 8: 2 and distribute it according to the voting contribution.
Example: Winner based on the original voting amount: If the loser was $ 20: $ 50, then $ 40, which is 8/10 of $ 50, is added to the winner's share, ie the final total is $ 60: $ 10. Distribute this according to the voting contribution. In any case, if the prediction is correct, you will receive a higher payout than your normal contribution distribution.
The reason for the distribution to the losers is to minimize the cancellation of voting for those who miss the forecast due to the closing price closing event and the Steemit 7-day reward. In fact, I know that voting power will not return even if you cancel the voting. Even if you're wrong, get a prize and try the next opportunity!
In the rare event of a possible contingency, if forecast also participates in voting, then everyone will distribute according to the voting contributions. If not, forecast wins.

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