10 Reasons Why Girls do More Squats than Running - Women's Health Tips for Losing Weight telinews

10 Reasons Why Girls do More Squats than Running - Women's Health Tips for Losing Weight 

Every girl has a perfect figure in her heart. What kind of figure do you pursue? Is it a straight chopsticks leg, a backhand can touch the waist of the navel, or it has the abdomen waistline, or it looks at the obvious muscle lines, or it has the strong arm strength, or it has cute buttocks! !!
Studies have shown that most post-90s boys, especially those with higher education backgrounds, prefer sports girls with well-proportioned and healthy girls, and about one-third of the boys explicitly stated that they "like girls with a bit of muscle." Similarly, girls also like boys with muscles!

Today, Jane Amway's wave of squat moves will surely win your favor. Not only does it have many benefits, but it is also an exercise that can be performed anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of Squats as Anaerobic Exercise

1. Burn more fat

Muscles burn fat, more muscles burn more fat, and squats are very efficient for growing muscles. It is a very effective way to burn more fat. The more muscles, the more calories you consume during exercise and rest. If you want to lose weight, stick to this compound exercise and squat right.

2.Have hips

According to women's characteristics and health needs, the benefits of squats for women are mainly to exercise leg strength and shape beautiful hips and legs. Various squat movements create the legendary "hip-lifting".

3. The squat waist is thinner than running waist

I do not know if friends who mainly lose weight by running have found that when you lose weight by running, do you feel that your waist and abdomen are always loose? In fact, this is the lack of squat exercises. After performing squat exercises, your waist and abdomen will be tightened tighter, and the tight waist will not look loose. If you want a thin waist, you need to strengthen squat exercises.

4. Get Squat's four moves

What do I need to pay attention to before practicing squats?

That line, I don't care anymore, start training today, stop, stop! If you don't master the squat position correctly, it takes a long time, and you can't achieve the effect and give yourself a retreat! For proper squats, you must pay attention before exercising!

1. Warm-up thoroughly before squatting.

2, no matter what type of squat, do not let your knees over your toes.

3. Regardless of when squatting or standing up, make sure that the knee joint and toe point in the same direction. Do not shake the knee from side to side and do not exceed the toe.

4. Squatting with backs and bows is wrong and dangerous. Be sure to look up when doing actions.

5, when squatting, do not lower the speed too fast, too low, otherwise, it is easy to damage the knee and ankle joints.

6. Countless girls have proven that after a period of squat exercises, changes in the hips can be changed unknowingly. So in order to become sexy and stylish, girls have to squat together with obvious thigh lines.

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