The best University of KPK Pakistan in Ranking 2019

Peshawar University:

Peshawar University is a very famous University of KPK located in Peshawar as known at Peshawar University. Peshawar University is one of the oldest universities in the world, where the ranking is the top university list.
Peshawar University was founded in 1950 and starts our educational programmed.  Peshawar University gives the opportunity to study Several Degree Programs like B.S program and Graduate Degree, and Medical and engineering Studies.
The University has facilitated more than 10000 people every year to complete a different degree, University has Designed as 4 postgraduate program departments and 8 academic sections. University Cover more than 1000 Acres Km square area. Peshwar University is as known as a research university. Peshwar University in one of the best public universities established in KPK in History.

Electronics Departments:

Peshwar University Established the Electronics department in 1988 near the block .

Branch of Computer Science

The division was set up in 1983 as a Computer Study Center to give preparing in programming languages. In 1985, the inside was moved up to the Department of Computer Science and began graduate classes that year. The BCS program was presented in 1998 as a night move course. Today the office offers the BCS program in the first part of the day just as at night, which is run under a self-money conspire. The office is arranged on the principal floor of the north wing of the Old Arts Block contiguous STC.

Branch of Psychology

The division was set up in 1964. Dr. Shahabuddin Muhammad Moghni established the frameworks of the division as its first Professor and Chairman. At first, it offered a Masters’s program of two years longer. Ph.D. also, M.Phil projects were offered in 1973 and 1978 separately. Every other month courses and yearly gatherings are different exercises of the division.
The office offers a study in Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychological Testing, Counseling, Developmental Psychology, and Experimental Psychology. The division has a library and a research center, a PC area, and a Mass Communication lab. A 4-year Integrated BS Program was begun in 2009 and Diploma Courses in Clinical Psychology, CBT, and Industrial and Organizational Psychology are gotten ready for 2010-11.

Branch of Pharmacy

The division was built up in 1982, housed at the Center of Excellence in Physical Chemistry. Following a time of two years, it was moved to the recently developed structure of the present area. The office has been perceived by the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan. Research gatherings direct research in the field of Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical examination, and Pharmacognosy.
A creature house with a bioassay lab meets the examination and scholarly needs of the college. Research in the Pharmacology segment of the division is centered around testing mixes from both manufactured and regular starting point for their utility in torment, irritation, pyrexia, melancholy, nervousness, reliance, resistance and spewing just as toxicological testing.

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