Number of lawyers increasing but standard declining: Chief Justice Khosa

Number of legal counselors expanding however standard declining: Chief Justice Khosa

Boss Justice Asif Saeed Khosa said on Friday the number of legal counselors in the nation was expanding, however, the standard of their capacities was declining simultaneously.

The main equity said as much while tending to a function at the Multan High Court Bar. He said already, any misconduct in courts was a past creative mind.

"Judges used to have fewer cases which were the reason attorneys would not gripe that a judge didn't hear them out in detail," Chief Justice Khosa said.

"Presently judges can't tune in to attorneys finally because of plenty of cases."

He said made a decision at present attempt to declare as a lot of decisions as they can.

The central equity reviewed when he showed up under the watchful eye of the Multan High Court seat as a legal advisor in 1981.

"An educator understudy bond used to exist here and everybody was very aware of others," he said. "One ought to think with respect to why the conditions are not similar today.

"The quantity of legal counselors is certainly expanding, however, the standard is declining," Chief Justice Khosa included.

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