NATO Chief Welcomes 'Contacts' Between US, Taliban

NATO Chief Welcomes 'Contacts' Between US, Taliban

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg at a question and answer session on Friday said he invites "contacts" between the United States and the Taliban and said that the US counsels with NATO partners "normally" in regards to harmony endeavors in Afghanistan.

"Secretary Pompeo has talked about, advised Allies. Envoy Khalilzad has informed Allies, examined this with Allies. What's more, we are counseling constantly on the grounds that it isn't just US in Afghanistan however we need to recollect there are likewise numerous non-US troops in Afghanistan," he said.

Stoltenberg said that Afghanistan "remains our greatest military activity outside Europe" and he rehashed NATO's present crucial "keep Afghanistan from by and by turning into a place of refuge for global fear mongers."

Reacting to an inquiry concerning US President Donald Trump's visit to Afghanistan, Stoltenberg stated: "We imagine that the most ideal way we can ensure that there is a sound arrangement, a genuine article, is that we keep on supporting the Afghan security powers, making an impression on the Taliban that we are prepared to remain, we are submitted, and they won't win on the combat zone."

Alluding to the Taliban, the secretary-general stated: "They need to take a seat at the arranging table and make genuine trade-offs. Furthermore, in this manner, the message from NATO is that we are submitted, we will keep on supporting the Afghan security powers obviously, we likewise welcome any endeavors to attempt to locate a quietly arranged arrangement, including, obviously, decrease of viciousness."

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