After the Announcement of Nelly Karim .. 3 artists injured tumor Hamid in 2019

After the announcement of Nelly Karim .. 3 artists injured tumor Hamid in 2019

Nelly Karim revealed that she had surgery to remove a benign tumor in her face in the United States.

Nelly told the Russian news agency Sputnik that the removal of the tumor was difficult and accurate because it is next to the facial nerve.
Nelly then posted a photo through her official account on the site "Instagram", a smile, and commented: "I love to reassure all my friends and my audience I thank God remained Kwaisa, I want to thank our Lord first and thank you with all my heart for your question and wish you to heal, our Lord what deprives me of you" .

Before Nelly Karim, we are watching stars with benign tumors in 2019.

Maggie Bo Ghosn
In July, Lebanese singer Maggie Bou Ghosn underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor in a five-hour operation that was successful. She was discharged from intensive care days later and underwent rest for two months.

Maggie Bou Ghosn

 The artist Khaled Selim revealed that he had a benign tumor on the vocal cords, and Salim said in a meeting with the program (with you - Mona Shazly), which is shown on the channel cbc, that he was very concerned when the doctor told him that there is a problem in his vocal cords, pointing out that he initially To him that he has a bloody assembly.

Khaled Selim had undergone surgery and discovered that he was suffering from a tumor with vocal cords, and after the operation and examination of the tumor turned out to be benign. Khaled Selim narrated that after the surgery he remained silent for 20 days, forbidden from any effort and away from singing completely, and remained sitting in his home so as not to experience any fatigue.

He added that he received treatment with him (Cortisone) so he gained overweight and reached 124 kg, and after this difficult period, he quickly decided to return to his body to regain his weight, so he undergoes exercise and often shares his audience with photos and videos during the exercises.
Khaled Selim with Mona El Shazly

 Inas Ezzeddine

Also, the young singer Inas Azzedine revealed that she had a benign tumor.
Inas wrote, through her personal account on the "Facebook": "I Farhana strong, and had to rejoice together with the result of the analysis of the sample Talaat thank God tumor Hamid Mesh malignant and Hstsalh the next two days, I lived the period that has passed so many difficult days beyond what any extent imagined, thank To God today I am reassuring "

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