4 New Way To Spot a Fake Diamond – How to tell a real Diamond by Eye

Hello, friends today we talk about Diamand, Fact about the reality of diamond or fake, you at long last found the ideal ring. Be that as it may since the precious stone is an interest in your affection you need to ensure you hit the nail on the head. Ever wonder how to tell if a jewel is genuine or counterfeit? All things considered, with a couple of locally situated tests you will have the option to tell in a matter of moments (yet beyond a shadow of a doubt, it takes a specialist gem specialist to decide whether it is genuinely a genuine precious stone). Here are a couple of tests to pursue on the off chance that you wish to check whether your jewel ring is genuine or counterfeit:


Did you realize that a precious stone would one say one is of the most grounded substances on earth, making it simple to slice through glass? Something like a scratch test could enable you to decide whether the jewel under the inquiry is, truth be told, genuine. For you to proceed with the scratch test, you need a reinforced glass and a free precious stone. Spot the glass on a table and utilize your precious stone to start to expose the glass. In the event that it scratches the glass, odds are great that the jewel is genuine. However, it’s critical to realize that the scratch test could harm your precious stone all the while. It’s additionally not the best method to check whether your precious stones are genuine since different gemstones can have a similar impact on the glass.


A fast and simple approach to see if your jewel is genuine or counterfeit: have a go at misting it up with your breath. On the off chance that it clears up following a couple of seconds, at that point your jewel is genuine, yet on the off chance that it remains hazed for three to four seconds chances are that you’re taking a gander at a phony. The explanation behind this: Diamonds scatter the warmth promptly making it difficult to mist up while non-precious stones don’t have a similar impact. For this test to work, ensure that your jewel is perfect and that no oils are covering the stone.


For this test, you will require a paper and a free precious stone. Spot your precious stone face down, with the structure looking up, on an area of content in a paper. On the off chance that you can peruse the letter through the precious stone, shots are that your stone is phony. In any case, if the letters are foggy this is one sign that your jewel is genuine. Ensure your precious stone is spotless before proceeding with this test.

Fire Test

In case you’re not kidding about seeing if your precious stone is genuine or counterfeit, you can put the stone through a flame test. Utilize a lighter to light the stone for around 30 seconds before dropping it in virus water. On the off chance that it’s a genuine jewel, the stone will stay safe, however in the event that it’s phony it will break to pieces. This will occur since more fragile materials are not ready to deal with the rate at which the materials extend and after that agreement because of the warmth of the flame. Not at all like genuine precious stones that were framed under extraordinary warmth and weight billions of years prior.

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