The world will have to go out of Islamophobia, not terrorism, according to Islam, the prime minister

Head administrator Imran Khan says fear based oppression does not have a place with Islam, the world should escape Islamophobia, the western world will feel the sentiments of Muslims. He said that the battle of Kashmiris and Palestinians couldn't be connected to psychological warfare, OIC alongside the abused individuals there.

Tending to the fourteenth Summit of the Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) in Makkah Makramah, the Prime Minister said that Muslims ought not to be rebuffed for the right to speak freely and psychological warfare, Islam has no connection with Islam, the world should escape Islamophobia.

Discussing the issue of Kashmir, the head administrator said that Kashmiri individuals are making political battles for the opportunity, their privilege ought to act naturally assurance. The western world can feel the sentiments of Muslims. The Prime Minister likewise required the Palestinians to state that Israel utilized fear based oppression against guiltless Palestinians. The Jerusalem ought to be the capital of Palestine, Julian's slopes ought to be a piece of the Palestinians.

He said that no religion grants blamelessness of guiltless individuals, the catastrophe is that psychological warfare isn't a religion. The abuse of the Muslim world ought to be halted, the name of psychological warfare isn't right on their political battle.

Imran Khan clarified that the occurrence of the Crests Church demonstrated that there is no religion of psychological warfare. On the off chance that a Muslim is engaged with such an occurrence, at that point Islamic fear mongering is named. He said that the majority of the attacking assaults used to Tamil Tiger before Nainon, however, nobody connected the assaults to Hindu religion.

He said that the Islamic world needs to give exceptional consideration to quality instruction, science, and innovation. This stage should advance science innovation.

In his location, the Prime Minister additionally said that the Western world would need to confront that the Muslims kept their cherishing love, their emotions cannot be accused on the name of the right to speak freely.

Before touching base at the gathering corridor to go to the gathering, the Saudi ruler Shah Salman canister Abdul Azizi respected the Prime Minister, both the pioneers likewise informed a short discussion.

The gathering is led by Shah Salman ibn Abdul Aziz, and its point is to be shared mutually for the issues confronting the Islamic world. In the ICC meeting, heads of 57 nations offer

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