Socail Media Acoount Must Submit before To Apply for USA Visa

According to the new law of America, the people who want to go to America. So for those who have great news about them, they must submit their social media account details.

According to the United States State Department, those who are entitled to the American Visa are entitled to the current account name on their social media which are using the last five years.

Any email which is using from the last 5 years,, you will have to give the e-mail data and your phone number.

This proposal has been presented last year, people estimate that Shahid will do this by 15.6 these five billion people will be affected.
But for those who are interested in studying the US, they must provide all the information norms necessary.
The State Department of America has also made it clear that whatever people in the United States legally come, they have also started work to improve a screening process so that the US citizens Could be more protective.
As before, many people are examined to take place in such areas of the world where there is control of terrorist groups.
But in recent times, those who are keen to visas, they will have to provide details of the social media account and they will also have to pay the details of the account camel details.
As everyone knows that social media is very low to speak the truth and many people support lies. An American newspaper for such account has made it clear that against such people lies The social media account will be given a legal action against them. This law was proposed in March last year by Law N Film. Here, also make clear that one of America's Seoul Liberal Union The group has said that we do not have any idea right now that it will be good or it will affect people.
The team is receiving the news that those who want to send them to the US, who are engaged in social media activities, want to get statistics.

So far, you have a Facebook account camel and Twitter account in your Gmail or email account within that account. In this, the details of any social media accounts that have been using for five years will be given. Its information can easily be checked by it. People who want to go to the United States will also have to tell them that their relative friends are not involved in any terrorist organization. The purpose of this whole reaction is the same that the American citizen is not affected by me.

The question arises, is it or the American visa is against such a Muslim policy?

The inhabitants of seven Muslim or majority countries do dirty things that have been denied from entering and waiting for them. Before the news that our news has received, Prasad Saw Donald Trump, along with us, The Middle East countries have imposed immigration restrictions over the country. America has not proven these eight countries to threaten themselves from the country and they do not allow them to be granted visas. The name of the following is as follows: Iraq, Libya, Iran, Somalia, and Sudan include all Muslim majority.


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