Protest Karachi due to shortage of water - Road Block Due to Lack of Water

Protest in Karachi due to lack of water
Today's breaking news is a major protest due to the shortage of water in Karachi. In such a way, people of Tower,Kharder, and Lyari of people  have been blocked IC Pull due to the severe shortage of water. A

traffic has been stopped Due to this, citizens are facing serious problems. Many ladies along with clients also sit out of the houses and sit down on the top of the road and kill the shortage of  the water. As you know, Three months ago, the same people had protested due to the severity of water shortage on which the government presented them to present that we should solve your problem as soon as possible. After this, the problem was ignored.

 Another big problem the crisis is Tanker Mafia, due to which people are getting a huge price for water. The police are watching the police and others sitting in silence. Apart from this, some people who are involved in government involvement with tanker mafia. We appeal to the government that Karachi is a big city, like . So here even the people who are facing difficulties are necessary Take care.

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