A day in the life of nurse - life of nurse in Pakistan

A day in the  life of Nurse
Nursing is is really very beautiful jobs. Nursing is the best career which is not for everyone, Italy compatible with anatomy, the human body, in medical procedures such as given injection and administering medication. Nursing career needs a great ability tomorrow can depression and stress full situation every time. Nursing have organisational skills and have ability to work where The great way including doctor and patient also.

Those people who want to new jobs in nursing, must understand nursing is very hard work jobs. Nurses of an hello to electron shift and lot of the work is physical.
Today we talked about life of an emergency nurse which name is is muniba. Muneeba arrived at the nurses room at 7 a.m. she gets ready every time and report to her particular stop nurse are the doctor before beginning to start her jobs. Muniba receives relevant update and instruction regarding patients in brief and current situation of the patient and current issue of the hospital to next duty stop nurse.
Muniba visit her first patient and ask about fashion history anshi verified what medication the patient is talking regarding heart patient and get ready for patient number 2. Today’s she visited a boy patient he burnrd his hand. This patient with his mother and muneeba ask question to both of them. She is mine the ground which is not serious, she dresses it and give the mother and son written and verbal instructions for care and followed.
No muniba goes to the next patient who is suffering from fever and blood pressure. Muni Pathak government medical history including medication women blood pressure and temperature and record all the detail for the doctor to see.
No time for lunch round of the word again. Muniba involves up continue infobox operation did she sees, it's mine, Asus Indian send the report to the doctor. At the end 13 horse ship was completed and she goes room for rest.

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