How to Post Youtube Video on Facebook with Big Thumbnail - youtube to facebook video converter

How to Post Youtube Video on Facebook with Big Thumbnail:

Today I have discussed youtube video to be posted on facebook it looks like a third party and small size of thumbnail shows. the reason for a youtube video in the small thumbnail it's less attractive than a full-size thumbnail. Youtube and Facebook, not any solution to provide your data in full images screen. Some Time youtube wants to traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Vk, and other social site but the reason is the video of thumbnail not shown clear.

What is the Difference b/w Normal Thumbnail and Big Thumbnail:

The difference between big and small thumbnail are we shown by the images below to clear for everyone and think about it which one is more attractive. 

Normal Thumbnail Shown in Facebook Post:

when you post Youtube video on facebook post your video is shown in this format and your thumbnail not clearly shown. the user only likes post or video to clear for understanding. 

Big Thumbnail Youtube Video on Facebook:

the below post to show youtube video on the big thumbnail and I can clarify how can I do it. 
the big thumbnail video show look likes its own youtube video and more attractive for the visitor. 

the video is not facebooked video its already youtube video and show in the big thumbnail.

How to Make Video in The Big Thumbnail:

the below website to visit your own link to create full thumbnail link and we can discuss how to do it. 
click on the link to open the above website and copy your youtube video link and paste on 
1. Copy youtube video link
2. Past on The the website
3. click convert 
4. copy the new link after convert
5. Paste in facebook pages or groups.

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