Overcoat Mcqs For F. / F.sc Important Objective Type Question Answer


January 2019
Overcoat Mcqs For exam
1. Who writes Overcoat?
a. Ghulam Abbas b. James Thurber c. Floyd Dell d. Zainab Ali
2. Who Translated Overcoat?
a. Gulam Abbas b. Floyd Dell c. Zainab Ghulam Abbas d. James Thurber
3. How did the young man look like in Overcoat?
a. Healthy b. Poor c. Wealthy d. A well Groomed
4. The Colour of Overcoat?
a. Black b. Yellow c. Red.   d. Brown

5. Price of the Carpet?
a. 1432 Rupees b. 1430 Rupees c. 1431 Rupees d. 1532 Rupees
6. The young man which type of musical instrument wants to be played?
a. German Piano b. Chinese Piano c.  Indian Piano d. Spanish Guitar 
7.From which language Overcoat Translated?
a. French b. German c. Urdu d. English
8. Moustache of the Young Man?
a. Big b. Long c. small d. Thin
9. where is the Young man seated the _______ bench?
a. cement b. cold c. wooden d. school
10. How many nurses on the duty of casualty department?
a.  One b. Two c. Three d. Four 

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