How To Find Qibla Direction at Your Local Position best Andriod app 2019

How To Find Qibla Direction:

A Qibla compass or qiblah compass (now and again additionally called the Qibla/qiblah pointer) is an altered compass utilized by Muslims to demonstrate the heading to face to perform ceremonial supplications. In Islam, this bearing is called qibla, and focuses towards the city of Mecca and explicitly to the Kaabah. 

Find the course of the qibla directly from your program, wherever you are. 

Find online qibla course with online qibla compass and guide for Karachi, Pakistan. Get mecca course for namaz. 

Getting precise Qibla course was never this simple. Basically intuitive the stick to your present or wanted area to get Qibla bearing, scope, longitude and your separation from Kaaba inside seconds.

Location of Qibla:

Discover Qibla Direction from any urban communities in Pakistan and around the globe. Qibla likewise knew as Kaaba, It is arranged in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is important to confront Qibla amid petition in Isla.

Download Qibla Direction or Qibla Finder App:

click the below photo to downlaod app

Qibla Direction Finder is a multi-instrument App for every one of your needs as a Muslim. The Qibla Compass encourages you to locate the correct and exact bearing of Qibla from anyplace on the planet. You Can Select your area either from a database or let the gadget consequently distinguish your area. 

This application isn't just a qibla bearing discoverer yet you can likewise utilize it to compute Prayer (Salat) times dependent on your Fiqah, get petition (salat) notice cautions. Additionally, we have incorporate Islamic Hijri Calendar month to month see next to every day Hadith and Quran Ayat for a better direction in day by day life undertakings. Legitimate Islamic Duas are incorporated for your ordinary use. 99 Names of Allah and Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) is incorporated. 10 Short Surahs of Quran and 6 fundamental Kalmas of Islam is added to offer solidarity to your imaan. Quran Vocabulary is another expansion appearing of Quranic words with English interpretation so you remember them and help you in understanding the Quran. Zakat Calculator is additionally included. 


* Calculates Exact Qibla Direction 

* If you don't choose your area, Jeddah is the default area 

* Select your area physically 

* Automatically identifying your area 

* It will give Warning when your gadget isn't effectively set (Horizontally) 

* Calculates Prayer or Salat times. 

* Islamic Hijri Calendar month to month see. 

* Daily Sahih Hadith 

* Daily Quran Verse 

* Push Alerts ( Azan Notification ) at the season of Adhan 

* Important Islamic Dates set apart with their names. 

* Authentic Islamic Duas for regular use. 

* 99 Names of ALLAH and Muhammad (p.b.u.h) 

* 6 essential kalmas of Islam 

* 10 short Surahs of Quran 

* Quran Vocabulary containing 80% of Quranic words with their interpretation 

* Zakat Calculator 

* Beautiful and Clean Graphics 

* You can Change your area 


For Accurate Direction 

- Place Your Device Parallel to a Horizontal Surface (Floor, Table and so on) 

- Keep Your Device Away From Electromagnetic Equipments 

- Calibrate the Device Sensor by Moving Around your Device 

- Although your area is Detected yet we never transmit your area 

- Please check the setting before utilizing this application for salat times figurings. 

- Select Mazhab and count technique for salat times 

A portion of the designs utilized in this application has a place with 


Qibla heading application utilizes your gadget sensor, it can influence the execution of the application if your gadget sensor has some issue or got similarity issue.

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