His First Flight ( Liam o Flaherty )

HIS FIRST FLIGHT                                       18-JAN 2019-

MCQS of the of young seagull his first flight and its important Multifl choice questions.
   1.              Who has written “ His First Flight”
a.  Liam O Flaherty       b.    Gulam Abbas              c.    Floyed Dell
    2.  He has made his ___________ flight.
a.  First    b.    Second c.    Third      d.    Last

    3.  What did the young Seagull about his wings.
a.  Wing Support him          b.    Wing help to fly
C    Be stonger                  d.    Wings are shorter
4.    He __________Higher.
       a.    Rose      b.    went       c.    Soared  d.    flew
5.    The young seagull had how many sisters?
       a.    Two b.    One       c.    Three     d.    Four
6.    The young seagull was ____________
       a.    Thirsty          b.    Hungry   c.    Weeping       d.    both A&B
7.    The Sun was _______________the sky.
       a.    Acceding       b.    Descending   c.    Setting          d.    both A&C
8.    The Seagull Afraid to____________
       a.    Swimming            b.    Flying            c.    Running d.    Dive      
9.    How Many brother of Young seagull?
       a.    Five        b.    Two        c.    Three            d.    Four      

10.  Whats Should the Young Seagull Mother to ____________fly.
       a.    Convinced     b.    Pray       c.    Encouragement    d.    Forced

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