SCAM Alert - Scam Or Legit Reviews Scam Or Legit: Is Ruusian Game where you can earn money. Basicaly its an Unsafe Parogram where you can invest money and start earning. Vaiana says we have no cash point, but there is totaly scam becasue if you are invest 100 ruble. comapny paid only 30% mean company payed only 30 ruble and remaing 70 ruble earn company from you. its a HYIP website the goal is only to collect money from people. yes the other hand you want to work and you have earn here. so the first thing is that you have invited many investor to invest here then you can earn money from
if you want to join its your choise.

after sign up in in vaiana the below balance for free but nothing this because its nt for withdrawal nothing here for withdrawal. withdrawal be those balace when you can invest. 

the othe negetive point is that you don,t have invest for serfing your withdrawal balance and adv balnce. says we no point. buts its totaly wrong totaly referal system and parymid scheme.
the below photo show my investment and withdrawal

 I have 38 ruble in my withdrawal account but don,t pay he says you can invest first to do monna pa and then you earn,

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