Who is ibn e batuta complete tutorial about ibn battuta Muslim scientist

Ibn Batuta (1304 68)
n Batuta was probably the most famous of the early Muslim
eilers. On foot and on animal back, he covered about

0 kilometres the equivalent of three times round
the Equator. He travelled from Spain to China, and from
Central Africa to the Russian steppes, His accounts tell us
much about the Muslim world of the 14th century
He studied law, like the rest of his family, but when he
was twenty-one he set off on a pilgrimage to Makka. On
his first journey he went via the Red Sea to Makka, then
Syria, Iraq, Khorasan, southern Persia, Azerbaijan, and
back to Baghdad. He settled in Arabia for three years,
but then became restless again, and once more set
off on a long journey. His travels took him to Jeddah,
Yemen, Aden, Tanzania
by boat), south ArabĂ­a,
Oman, Hormuz, south
Persia, and back to Makka.
His next journey was to
the Black Sea, Crimea,
Constantinople, Russian
steppes, Constantinople
again, then Bukhara,
Samarkand, Khorasan,
Afghanistan, Hindu Kush,
and across the Indus. By
now, he was famous and
had many friends among
rulers, princes, sultans
Ibn Batuta
and emperors.

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