What is bitcoin?
Hello friends today I will discuss about Bitcoin, Bitcoin is in electronic currency we are otherwise saying cryptocurrency it is a form of electronic cash. All all bank Audi centralised Bitcoin or Digital currency without a central bank. Bitcoin can be sent from one user to another user on the field to hear network with need of requirements.

History of Bitcoin:
Bitcoin was registered on 18 August 2008 is the form of satoshi nakamoto and also called Bitcoin. Nicco Moto making the Bitcoin software and release in January 2009 and no days no one person 300 was known Bitcoin.
In January 2009 3 bit coin was created motormind the first block chain coinbase of this block was created on 3 January 2009.
Bitcoin software release date until January 2009 received 10 Bitcoin is the form nakamoto.
Nicco Moto total mine 1 million Bitcoin before 2010. In 2011 and 2012 the Bitcoin transaction was started properly the first major user update fine black market after the 31 of existence beginning in February 2011 after Silk Road accept Bitcoin is a form of the payment and transaction 9.9 million in Bitcoin.
How much Bitcoin earn?
First Bitcoin is the way to get your own Bitcoin in the form of the mining.
Work for Bitcoin offers something for Bitcoin game link and Casino game have using the Bitcoin 98 coin have very faucet. Bitcoin are using in local market in USA and Europe. is the currency precept on International Bank.
Bitcoin legit or scam?
the answer of Bitcoin mining is totally legal but in few country Bitcoin mining is the profession and use of Bitcoin is illegal. In some cases Bitcoin is net treated as a currency see in government but in some cases they are treated in our currency and work. In Pakistan India Bangladesh Sri Lanka and some more country like Afghanistan Where are Bitcoin is totally illegal but in Europe Australia China Bitcoin.
How to earn Bitcoin?
Bitcoin can be earned by the the a different way. Earn Bitcoin that is a mean of. Payment. You can earn Bitcoin by some website you can completing the task and earn Bitcoin. You can earn Bitcoin from the process of mining. You can Bitcoin buy tradin if you know about trading so the best way. You can earn Bitcoin by different earning application on Play Store and IOS. Unlimited coin by completing survey.
Bitcoin legal in USA?
The question of is bitcoin legal inThe USA it's very simple. 100% LEGAL IN THE UNITED STATES AND YOU CAN PAY true Bitcoin ATM in different shopping mall in normal uses. You can use Bitcoin currency see in the form of dollar the rate of Bitcoin have increase and decrease in every second.
Bitcoin mining profitable or not?
Bitcoin is the way hey hey you can start reading if you have a huge knowledge gym you can unlimited money daily through Bitcoin. If you have list knowledge Knowledge you can drop your money. Another hand Bitcoin has dropped to his main point nowadays in this way Bitcoin is not profitable.
How I start Bitcoin mining?
You can start mining the first way hey by the the mining hardware if you can purchase it. Another hand you can purchase a power supply up10 and obtain a bitcoin wallet. Every time you can secure wallet and don't share your your Bitcoin wallet to anyone and Secure it. You can take a mining pool and connect the power supply to the ASIC miner.
Is investment safe in Bitcoin?
Electronic currency we are other hand digital currency digital coin are safe for investment because in digital currency have zero corruption.

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