How To Earn Money Online Vey Fast With Russian Website New - birds by freedoller786

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How To earn money online
In this store you can buy different birds. Each bird brings special eggs, which can then be sold on the market and exchanged for real money. Each bird gives a different number of eggs, the more expensive it is, the more it brings. You can buy them unlimited number, as many times as you like. Our magic birds live 110 days, more than paying for the cost of the purchase!   if you bought 5 birds at once, you will see one entry for all five birds, as they appeared and disappear at the same time.
Eggs are automatically collected and fall into your egg warehouse. 
The warehouse is designed for 48 hours of uninterrupted collection of eggs, after which the eggs must be sold, otherwise the warehouse will be crowded and will not be able to accommodate new eggs. 

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