Crypto News Pay diamond Event In Germany Crypto currency earning

Crypto News Pay diamond Event In Germany Crypto currency earning 

Welcome to my Pay Diamond Review!

I have good news for you. I wrote this comprehensive Pay Diamond Review, because people just like you want UNBIASED information.

There has been a lot of hype around Pay Diamond recently. However, my opinion is 100% unbiased, because I’m not an affiliate of the company. I do my research to bring you the truth and facts only.

It’s great that you’re being proactive and doing your research before jumping into this new business venture.

I’ll be giving you all the information you need to know about the Pay Diamond company, products and compensation plan for you to make that crucial decision before joining.

So let’s get to it!

Let’s start first with an overview of the company.The company was registered back in December 2014.

Weirdly enough, Pay Diamond doesn’t divulge the names of their owners, shareholders or any of their managing directors.

After some digging, I found out that their entity has a virtual office registered in Hong Kong. In addition, most of their site traffic comes from South America, which explains why their website default language is set to Portuguese.

Beyond that, it’s hard to find any other information.

So, let’s move on to the products shall we?

Pay Diamond Review – The Products
Well, after much research and digging, it looks like Pay Diamond doesn’t even have any physical products.

It seems the only thing they offer is membership into their affiliate program.

There are some sources on the web that talk about an investment opportunity in Pay Diamond, where you could buy or invest in diamonds. But I can’t find any solid evidence of this.

Therefore, let’s swiftly move on to the compensation plan.

Pay Diamond Review – Compensation Plan
To get started, Pay Diamond requires an up front investment into the company, for a fixed return after a 50 week period. These are the 5 levels of investment to choose from:

Joy – Invest $200, receive a $10 weekly ROI
Light – Invest $400, receive a $20 weekly ROI
Plus – Invest $1200, receive a $60 weekly ROI
Master – Invest $3600, receive a $180 weekly ROI
Premium – Invest $36,000, receive an $1800 weekly ROI
Affiliate Commissions
Earnings in Pay Diamond are all centered around the above investment levels. This means that commissions are paid based on the level of investment each of your new affiliates opt into. 

Joy affiliate sponsorship = receive $5
Light affiliate sponsorship = receive $10
Plus affiliate sponsorship = receive $30
Master affiliate sponsorship = receive $100
Premium affiliate sponsorship = receive $1000
Residual Commission Payout
The residual commissions tie back to one of 2 structures, as described below.

Matrix Compensation Plan

Every Pay Diamond affiliate has to pay a monthly membership fee.

Pay Diamond will pay you commissions based on a 3 x 10 (unilevel) matrix structure that is filled either directly or indirectly with new affiliates.

You earn a 50 cent commission for each new member recruited into the matrix.

Binary Compensation Plan
The binary structure is a commission structure where you are the head of a team, and you have 2 legs in your team. Each member in your binary leg will also have 2 legs, and so on.

These positions can be filled either directly or indirectly.

Pay Diamond then applies a point system that looks like this:

Joy – 50 points
Light – 100 points
Plus – 300 points
Master – 1000 points
Premium – 10,000 points
The earnings are calculated based on the points of the weaker leg at the end of each day. Commissions are paid at a rate of 50% on investment value of new members.

Luckily, left over volume from the stronger binary leg is rolled over to the next day.

Obviously, to participate in the binary compensation plan, you need to have sponsored 2 people to form your team.

Pay Diamond does require a membership fee for joining, but I wasn’t able to find the amount required online. Pay Diamond doesn’t disclose this amount.

New members are also required to opt into one of the 5 investment levels mentioned above. The higher the investment level, the higher the earning potential for the new member.

Based on the information at hand, my conclusion on the Pay Diamond review is next, so keep reading.

My Pay Diamond Review Conclusion
My main concern with Pay Diamond is that there is very little information about the company out there. Because there is no information about the leadership, company or who is in charge or accountable if anything goes wrong, this is quite worrisome.

The other major downside is that the returns aren’t realized until 50 weeks after investment. That’s a long wait for any new member who has invested that kind of money into the plan! Also, as there is no way of knowing who is accountable, this is a huge risk!

On the positive side, in general, the compensation plan for the affiliate program looks quite reasonable.

However, in this case the red flags are major issues for me. I would never personally invest in a business if I didn’t know exactly who was accountable for my money and my returns.

So that concludes my Pay Diamond review. I hope you found it useful. I’d love to know your thoughts on this review so please leave me a comment.

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