Love Is Blind: A Blind Indian Couple's Blind Love Story

Love Is Blind: A Blind Indian Couple’s Blind Love Story

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: A Blind Indian Couple’s
The proverb says ‘ is blind’ but what happens when two blind people meet?

“It is a different kind of love, a love in which appearance and appearance matter, this love goes beyond appearance.”

He tells the story of a blind couple in 13 photos in a recent photo series ‘Sacred Love’.

Gera told the BBC: ‘I was at Connaught Place in Delhi in July last year when I caught sight of a beautiful couple. They went hand in hand, talking, smiling. ‘

One person was driving to the couple’s Connaught Place metro station. Gera says he offered to help the couple get to the station going forward.

In the meantime, the conversation between them began. Gera asked them if they would like to tell their story so they shook their head “Yes”.

The series ‘Sacred Love’ is the story of 21-year-old Deepak Yadav and Aarti Choria who met on Facebook.

Deepak said the two have an app on their smartphone that is designed for the blind. This app gives them voice feedback.

Deepak said Aarti’s name was suggested for friendship in his notification in June 2018. He told the BBC that there was a lot in common between him and Aarti so he sent a friendship request on Facebook.

Aarti took a full two weeks to respond. They say she did not know Deepak, so they took time to think. Eventually, he added Deppak to the list of friends.

Soon the exchange of messages between the two began, and the conversation reached the phone numbers.

Deepak said that his first talk on the phone was on July 31 and Aarti finished the sentence saying that it lasted 90 minutes.

Then the conversation between them started and one day Aarti asked Deepak if he had any girlfriend. He laughed and said that Deepak’s answer was whether the box is empty. After that Aarti did not take long to express his feelings. It happened on August 10
Aarti said: ‘We were talking on the phone. I also had a friend who challenged me to say Ilu, so I said. ‘

Deepak said he was shocked to hear this and did not speak for a minute. ‘I thought this was my line, how can I say that? Then I said the same thing. ”

Two months later, Deepak went to Aarti’s hostel and this was his first meeting. Since then the two have met frequently. Their relationship has deepened.

So far this story has been hidden from his family, Deepak said. He says of his family that he has very conservative views.

“My father says stay away from love, it will be a long time later to concentrate on your education and career.”

Apart from her father, most of her family knows about their love, Aarti said. I asked him what would happen when he saw the BBC report about their relationship?

Deepak’s reply was, ‘I want this to happen.’

While Aarti said that when they see the positive image of this relationship in the media, it will be easy for them to accept it. Aarti and Deepak are looking for a job nowadays so they can start a life together soon.

Aarti said, “As soon as one of us gets a job, we will get engaged. But many times we are afraid that we will not get old until we get married. ‘

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